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eMarking Assistant helps teachers grade papers using Microsoft Word by creating, inserting, modifying detailed reusable
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4 October 2010

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A typical school’s evaluation system comprises teachers assessing the student exam sheets and assignments reports and grading them on the basis of their performance. When it comes to correcting mistakes and providing necessary feedback, the said procedure is followed by writing the remarks on the papers itself or from the progress report. Since the educational sector has majorly become computerized and digitized to enable effective working and saving time and energy, the process of assignments and examinations have transformed into something which is controlled virtually. Manually assessing the assignments and subsequently giving remarks is a tedious process; to make it more streamlined and systematic eMarking Assistant 1.50 has been launched that saves time and energy in terms of grading the assignments and inserting valuable feedback.

eMarking Assistant upon launch opens with a vivid and colorful looking interface with the chief options placed at the left and right panels to facilitate inserting comments of feedback into the corrected piece of text along with adding comments linked to specific mistakes making the whole assessment procedure constructive for the students. The software is capable of building up reusable stocks of comments which contains text, links and imagery which can be accessed from floating toolbars. The comments can be audio enabled as well that can be embedded in the Word document and also assists in creating an automated marking rubrics that enables usage of functions that highlight the student performance and marks. Furthermore, the application can be easily installed in any version of MS Word for Windows quickly and also allows harvesting saving and managing the comment banks exclusively.

To sum up, eMarking Assistant 1.50 comes across as a unique and innovative utility that reduces human effort and also works comprehensively for student benefit and hence gets a rating score of five points for its impressive performance and extensive range of sophisticated features.

Publisher's description

eMarking Assistant helps teachers save time providing detailed and useful feedback when grading papers and marking assignments.
It allows you to quickly build banks of reusable comments containing text, images, links, and tables and then to pick these from floating toolbars to insert into student assignments. The comments can also contain audio comments which are recorded directly into Word and embedded in the Word document. These reusable comments can be saved to comment banks and distributed to others. Comment banks can also be harvested from a folder of assignments that have been marked using Word track changes and Word comments.
eMarking Assistant will also create automated marking rubrics allowing you to use function keys or toolbar buttons to highlight performance standards, record, increase or decrease marks, and then add and rescale the marks. The performance standard and mark can also be easily inserted as comments into the margin of the assignment.
eMarking Assistant can be easily installed into any version of Microsoft Word for Windows in less than a minute. Once installed it shows floating toolbars which operate in exactly the same way in all versions of Word. The Preparation toolbar allows you to harvest, load, save and manage reusable comment banks and also turn on and off common features of Word used in grading, for example show or hide spelling or grammar mistakes, turn revision tracking on or off and show or hide comments or markup.
eMarking Assistant also provides other features such: search for the selected phrase using Google web, book, or scholar search; highlighted all occurrences of the selected phrase, reuse the selected phrase as a comment or return the current document using email.
The eMarking Assistant site contains several videos and guided tours demonstrating the use of eMarking Assistant and creating and using the automated marking rubrics.
The $20 license will be easily repaid in time savings in the fist week.
eMarking Assistant
eMarking Assistant
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